Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning is a routine cleaning package where you can ease your mind and leave the regular care of your home & establishment to us. Depending on your requirement, our Contract Cleaning can be performed customized to your needs. We offer a myriad of cleaning and maintenance for


Planning Your Scheme

As your premises differs, you should be able to get a customized package that add values to you. We want that for you so please kindly contact one of our friendly sales personnel to assist your needs.

Home cleaning services Singapore

Let Us Help

We want you to have a rough idea what is covered in our package for office or home cleaning services in Singapore to avoid any confusion. Be assured that we can customise it for you should you need additional services.

Some of the basic job scope include:

  • Vacuum & mop floor
  • Dust & clean all furniture, tabletops and appliances
  • Maintain cleanliness of flooring
  • Empty trash bin
  • Wiping of glass partition / windows
  • Washing of toilets (if any) other ad-hoc activities