Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning is a routine cleaning package where you can ease your mind and leave the regular care of your home & establishment to us.

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Office cleaning

Office cleaning is the face of your company – what would clients feel if they walked into a dirty office? In addition, a filthy office might cause your employees to become sick or feel unwell, thus reducing their work potential.

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Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning is targeted for anyone who requires a general cleaning for pre/post tenancy move-in/move-out, post renovation, pre-move in and move out event.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a spring cleaning package designed to rejuvenate your home with a sparkling difference for the festive season or occasion round the corner.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is designed specially for large carpeted floor, rugs and compact mats. With various in-house cleaning approach our carpet team will have the suitable tools to freshen your carpet with a new look.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Proven study has shown that people who don’t dust their house are twice as likely to suffer from allergy and asthma symptoms as those who do.

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Marble Polishing

Most often what is meant by “polish”, “polished” or “polishing” is in reference to the type of “finish” on marble, travertine, limestone, granite or any natural stone.

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Aircon Cleaning

Aircon Cleanin often run 12+ hours every day and filters become clogged with mould, dirt and contaminants, causing the system to overwork and dramatically reduce efficiency. Filters are also expensive to replace.

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Curtain Cleaning

Dust, dust mites and microorganisms may be present in your curtains that you may not be aware of. Our specialized cleaning and proven to sanitize and clean your curtains for you so that you may come to a cleaned and sanitized home or work area.

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Hotel Housekeeping

We are experienced in providing professional housekeeping service to your hotel, hostel, and dormitory. Outsource the housekeeping job to us for a privilege of fuss free manpower handling . We have been providing housekeeping services for hotels in Singapore and received good feedbacks from our customers.

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