Office cleaning

Office cleaning

Your office is the face of your company. Imagine what your clients would feel if they had walked into a dirty office? In addition, a filthy office might cause your employees to become sick or feel unwell, thus reducing their work productivity. Carpets, for example, tend to house dust mites, dirt and other such allergens that might severely affect the health of inhabitants.

Planning Your Scheme

Office cleaning services singapore
Don’t let that happen to you! With our amazing technology, we guarantee that we can perform a deep, thorough cleansing of your office at rapid pace, thus saving you on down time that would cost your company money! We offer office cleaning services in Singapore for both single session and on a regular basis, whether you need regular cleaning, one-time cleaning, or a more long-term solution to suit your cleaning needs. Contact us to find out more!


We want you to have a rough idea what is covered in our package for office or home cleaning services in Singapore to avoid any confusion. Be assured that we can customise it for you should you need additional services.

Let Us Help

General job scope includes:

  • Vacuum & mop reception & Office Area
  • Wiping of tables
  • Dusting of furnitures/shelves
  • Maintain cleanliness of pantry (flooring)
  • Empty trash bin
  • Wiping of glass partition / windows
  • Washing of toilets (if any)
  • other ad-hoc activities

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