Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

We are all familiar with the traditional practice of spring cleaning in Singapore, but cleaning the house inside out can be a pain. Our Spring cleaning package is designed to rejuvenate your home with a sparkling difference for the festive season or special occasion. Our experienced team has the expertise to undertake all your essential chores with care and concern, so that you can sit back, relax, enjoy your festive holidays, and receive your guests with a warm welcome!


You can choose what type of packages will be best suited to your needs:

Studio / 1-Bedder
1-Bedder / 2-Bedder
2-Bedder & 3-Bedder
3-Bedder (Deluxe)
3-Bedder & 4-Bedder
4-Bedder & 5-Bedder
Lander & Commercial


We want you to have a rough idea what is covered in our package for office or home cleaning services in Singapore to avoid any confusion. Be assured that we can customise it for you should you need additional services.

Let Us Help

To better help you understand what do, we have included our general job scope below for your better understanding.

General job scope includes:


  • Vacuum & Mop Floor
  • Dust & clean all furniture, tabletop and appliances
  • Dust & wipe cabinets internal (if empty), including external surfaces & doors
  • Clean exterior of lighting fixtures
  • Wipe glass windows & metal grilles (if any)


  • Same job scope as Living Room
  • Thorough cleaning of dining table, chairs and exterior of lighting fixtures
  • Remove cushioned seat cover into washing machine (if necessary)


  • Same job scope as Living Room
  • Dust & tidy bed
  • Remove bedding linen and fabric into washing machine (if necessary)
  • Wipe wall mounted mirror
  • Empty dustbin


  • Clean bathroom including toilet and shower area
  • Scrub bathroom floor tiles


  • Dust and wipe kitchen area and kitchen cabinet (if empty)
  • Degrease kitchen cooking hob (if needed, please let us know in advance, as it might require longer time for stubborn stain)

Feel free to let us know if you have any other need.

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