Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning will be needed by anyone who goes through a pre/post tenancy move-in/move-out, post renovation, or pre-move in/ move out event. Our post renovation cleaning service, which takes place in a single cleaning session, is specially tailored to meet the changing demands of modern living, and help you quickly and comfortably settle down in your spotless new house!

Planning Your Scheme

You can choose what type of packages will be best suited to your needs:

  • Studio / 1-Bedder
  • 1-Bedder / 2-Bedder
  • 2-Bedder
  • 2-Bedder & 3-Bedder
  • 3-Bedder (Deluxe)
  • 3-Bedder & 4-Bedder
  • 4-Bedder & 5-Bedder
  • Lander & Commercial
Post renovation cleaning

Let Us Help

To better help you understand what do, we have included our general job scope below for your better understanding.

General job scope for Post-renovation & Pre-move in includes:

  • Vacuum & Mop Floor
  • Cleaning of wardrobe external (internal if empty)
  • Wipe glass windows & metal grilles
  • Wipe kitchen cabinets external (internal if empty)
  • Wash & shine washing basins
  • Wipe wall mounted mirrors
  • Clean doors and door grilles (if any)
  • Wash & Scrub kitchen & toilet floor
  • Degrease cooker hobs (if any)
  • Wipe fridge, oven, dryer and washing machine (if any)
  • Wipe all wall tiles
  • Wash & disinfect toilets
  • Clean exterior of lighting fixtures
  • Wipe all fans & air-con external units
  • Cleaning of ceiling and standing fans (if any)