Who we Are

Homeworz is established with the belief that people shouldn’t be made to worry about the comfort of their living spaces. We aim to be the cleaning company who caters whatever you need regarding cleaning. We provide professional cleaning services for your office, home and establishment. Please feel free to inquire we’ll be glad to help you.

​Since 2005, Homeworz has garnered a reputation as a clean and care professional across Singapore. With touches of domesticity and hospitality we provide unparalleled home and housekeeping services to meet all your cleaning needs.

Your home will have the attention it always deserves.We do more than just simple cleaning – this is the aspiration behind the success of our business, Homeworz is established with this philosophy in mind, caring for your health and hygiene in achieving complete satisfaction to the most discriminating homeowners.

The level of our commitment is the key aspect to who we are. Simply we would want to assure you of a rewarding indulgence in the comfort of your enlivened home haven.

Our Cleaning & Maintenance services are suitable for

  • Office & Home
  • Hotel & Hostel
  • Industrial & Commercial space
  • Condominium & Building
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor areas
  • Etc.

and our services include

  • General professional cleaning for your office and residential space,
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Sanitization for rooms, floors, upholstery, fabric sofa, and curtain.
  • Housekeeping (for hotels)
  • Dishwashing (for restaurants)
  • Polishing and Maintenance of marble, parquet
  • General painting (upon request)


To be a reliable, trustworthy and customer-focused and to empower our clients with such a service that makes them excel and exceed expectations whatever they are doing.


To offer customer-centered services by training our crew to be efficient, productive and motivated in whatever they set out to do.

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